Next-gen Nissan Fairlady Z spotted in production form

Last year, Nissan gave us a look at the next-generation Z Car when they introduced the Z Proto. Like the current 370Z, the upcoming model draws inspiration from older Z models, namely the first-generation S30 240Z and the Z32 300ZX. But since it was a prototype, it wasn't the final design yet.

However, it seems photos of the production model Z have leaked along with a short video, and the changes appear to be minimal. Photos of this supposed production model Fairlady Z appear to be taken in the US according to the original poster @laidoutdc4 on Instagram

Is this the production version of the Nissan Fairlady Z? image

As for the car itself, Nissan didn't seem to change much in terms of design. The lines and shape of the prototype appear carried over from the Proto. However, the headlights do look a bit larger and more rounded. While the large grille is still there, the lower half no longer features a rounded mesh design. Noticeably, this model has a more prominent lip and is fitted with a ducktail wing. With the ducktail fitted, the slanted Fairlady Z badge is nowhere to be found. It's no longer painted in highlighter yellow too. Instead, it's finished in a more subtle silver.

Is this the production version of the Nissan Fairlady Z? image

The interior is also close to what Nissan showed in the prototype. In front of the driver sits a digital display, while the center features a trio of gauges. Interestingly, this Z has an automatic transmission instead of a manual. It's also worth noting that the example is in the left-hand-drive configuration.

Interestingly, the Z in the short video posted by 400Z Club on Youtube appears to be a different model. It features a two-tone color with a bright silver body and black roof. The video also shows the vehicle fitted with smaller brakes compared to the prototype model. 

Assuming this is the production version of the Fairlady Z, we are certainly excited. Not only because Nissan retained the design of the prototype, but also because it's been over 10 years since Nissan introduced the 370Z, and it's about time a new one came out.