What is going on at Jaguar-Land Rover? As it turns out, they have announced their move to 'leaner, more resilient operation' in the coming months. That means about 4,500 employees from JLR could soon be walking out the door. They call it the 'Change and Accelerate' program, and they aim to reduce cost and improve cashflow by £ 2.5 billion.

In 2018 alone, about 1,500 Jaguar-Land Rover employees had left the company, but the British company is looking to slim down its operations even more. That being said, the automakers won't be forcing anyone to quit. In their home market of UK, Jaguar-Land Rover will be offering a 'voluntary redundancy program'.

So why is Jaguar-Land Rover doing this?

The two companies are banking on electrification in the future, and will be devoting research and development towards the electric vehicle push. In order to continue the EV push, more money has to be invested in order for Jaguar and Land Rover to march towards building, developing, and producing more electric vehicles.

That being said, JLR's electrification plans could open new jobs for the company, meaning the loss of nearly 6,000 employees could be a short-term effect. They will be opening their Engine Manufacturing Center in Wolverhampton, where Electric Drive Units will be produced. At the same time, batteries will be assembled at a new Jaguar Land Rover Battery Assembly Center located at Hams Hall, North Warwickshire.

Last year, Jaguar-Land Rover went beyond the UK's borders and expanded in Slovakia with their new assembly line. They also invested into specialist engineering hubs in the Republic of Ireland, Hungary and Manchester, UK. In the same year, Jaguar Land Rover also confirmed plans to invest in its Solihull plant to support the introduction of the next generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.