Kia Philippines (now under Ayala's AC Automotive) is going to have a busy time over the next few weeks after the company confirmed that they are indeed launching another new model for the year.

They did show us a teaser image over a Zoom meeting that clearly depicts the Stonic, but at the time they wouldn't confirm nor deny it. And a few days ago, they finally did confirm the Stonic subcompact crossover SUV (ish) for a Philippine release in October of this year.

As some may know, the Stonic is a subcompact SUV and is smaller than their other small SUV which is the Seltos from Korea. It was originally revealed at the Frankfurt auto show in 2017 (and has since been updated), and it's a 5-seater crossover that uses a monocoque platform; only the Jimny uses body-on-frame construction (as far as we know) in this same size category. Roughly, it's close to the dimensions of the Ford EcoSport

Kia Stonic PH story image

But there are a lot of questions that remain even after we found a flyer showing some of the key features of the new vehicle. What are the prices or what is the price range? What gearboxes will be available? What variants will there be? What engines will the Philippine market get? Where will they get it from?

So we thought we'd ask a few more questions from people that may have a clue. Boy, did that work out well.

First, on to the topic of sourcing: the Kia Stonic will be sourced from China and not South Korea.

Surprised? You shouldn't be, because Kia Philippines already gets the Soluto subcompact 4-door saloon from the PRC anyway, and it's selling pretty well. And quality-wise, we're quite pleased with the Soluto, so hopefully the same will be applied to the Stonic. Also, if they did opt for the Stonic from the ROK and not PRC, either the price would be uncompetitive or the specifications would be lacking or a bit of both.

Kia Stonic PH story image

Secondly, the engine: the Kia Stonic will have a 1.4-liter gasoline engine.

We're presuming it's the G4AFA 1.4-liter Gamma engine from Hyundai. It makes 100 PS and 136 Nm of torque. The engine was a logical choice anyway because it means it qualified for the FTA with the PRC which should make pricing very attractive. It doesn't have a turbo though; it's normally aspirated.

Third, is the variant range: we were told that there will be 3 variants of the Kia Stonic.

The Philippines will have the Kia Stonic 1.4L EX automatic as the range-topping model, followed by the Kia Stonic 1.4L LX automatic, and then the base Kia Stonic 1.4L LX manual.

Fourth, its transmission options: as indicated in the variant range, MT and AT will be available.

The base model will have a 6-speed manual gearbox, which should be fun. The automatic variants will have a conventional slushbox 6-speed automatic transmission. No, not a CVT and not a dual-clutch.

Kia Stonic PH story image

And lastly, the pricing: it seems Kia will be very aggressive with the Stonic, aiming for below PhP 1 million.

Our sources tell us the pricing isn't final yet, but we were told that the Stonic model range will be priced between PhP 850,000 to just under PhP 1 million. That may change or adjust later on closer to the launch, but it means Kia will be trying to undercut a lot of similarly sized models with the Stonic, offering a small crossover for the price of a sedan.

That means the Stonic will be competing (more or less) against the likes of the slightly larger (and popular) MG ZS, Nissan Juke, Ford EcoSport, Suzuki Vitara, among others.

Many are going to be undoubtedly excited at the prospect of the Kia Stonic in the Philippines. The moment we know more, we'll let you know too. Let us know what you think about these tidbits of info on this new model from Kia.