Last month, we got a first look of the next-generation Mitsubishi Delica albeit in the form of leaked teaser photos. While most of the photos were dark and blurry, it did gives us an idea as to what the upcoming Delica will look like. Now, it seems we get to see the complete picture as brochure photos of the 2019 Delica appears to have leaked online as found by our friends over at Headlight Magazine.

Found on the Japanese website Kakaku, if the brochure images are to be believed, it shows the Delica’s exterior styling in full and even the interior. As mentioned previously, its styling follows that of Mitsubishi’s current design language such as the one found on the Xpander, Montero and even the soon-to-be-revealed Strada.

Leaked brochure images preview the next-gen Mitsubishi Delica 

Up front, it sports a two-tier headlight with LED daytime-running lights on top and the actual headlights located on the bumper; similar to the Xpander. A wide bold grill then runs from the hood all the way to the bottom portion of the bumper.  As for the rear, it continues to retains its traditional boxy shape with a traditional van hatch. There are a pair of slim, squarish taillights which are connected by an trim piece which run the length of the van’s hatch. 

While it isn’t very clear in the photo, we do get a glimpse of the Delica’s interior. The dashboard and the center console does not appear to be connected with the gear lever and other buttons placed just below the large LCD infotainment screen. More so, the dashboard appears to be flocked with wood or aluminum.

Leaked brochure images preview the next-gen Mitsubishi Delica

From the brochure, it seems that the Delica will continue to run the D5 name. More so, it will be offered with at least two different variants – one having a more rugged look, and the other more stylish. The brochure also shows some of the safety features the next-generation Delica will have including adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, auto-high beam headlights, and lane departure to name a few. 

No details were revealed regarding the Delica’s powertrain. However, it did say that it will be offered with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

There is no word whether the upcoming Delica will be introduced in the Philippines. From the date at the upper right of the brochure, the next-generation Delica could debut in February 2019