Two weeks ago, Lexus announced to the world that there will be an all-new IS. To prove this, the luxury automaker posted a teaser image of the sports sedan's aggressive-looking rear and distinct LED taillights. With the current model already being seven 7-years old, a lot is banking on the soon-to-be-revealed fourth-generation model.

Lexus is already gearing up for the launch of the all-new IS but it looks like someone has already beaten them to it. Just recently, videos of what appears to be the 2021 IS were posted online by "AFT Channel". Based on the leaked video, the supposed 2021 Lexus IS appears to resemble a miniature ES.

LEAKED: Are you the 2021 Lexus IS? image

The signature spindle grill is ever-present while the front bumper now features large side air intakes. Meanwhile, the headlights and LED daytime running taillights appear to take on a more aggressive design. As for the eye-catching taillights at the back, it does appear to match what Lexus posted a couple of weeks ago. It also has what looks to be a new rear bumper, dual exhausts, and a small ducktail spoiler on top of the trunk lid.

LEAKED: Are you the 2021 Lexus IS? image

Looking at the teaser video Lexus uploaded recently, and it's likely that what we are looking at is the F Sport model of the sports sedan. In addition, we also get to see an 'IS 350' badge on the back. This could mean that the naturally-aspirated 3.5-liter V6 will continue to power the IS.

As for the cabin of the supposed next-gen IS, some might say it still looks relatively the same as before. However, we did notice that it gets some neat upgrades. For starters, it gets piano-black accents that replace the usual matte graphite seen on the previous models. It also gets sleeker aircon vents, an updated center stack, a wider touchscreen infotainment system, and what appears to be a revised multi-info display/gauge cluster.

LEAKED: Are you the 2021 Lexus IS? image

New leather upholstery, as well as additional interior trim, give the next-gen IS a sportier and more luxurious look and feel. There's no word regarding the IS' features and amenities, but we're sure it comes with plenty of standard equipment.

However, there is also the matter that the next-generation model might come with a downsized, turbocharged engine in the form of a six- or four-cylinder engine. There are also rumors going around that the flagship IS F will return for the fourth-generation model, albeit supposedly with a twin-turbo V6 rather than a V8 under the hood.

Should the new IS still come with a V6 that exceeds 3000cc, it should still be eligible for JPEPA tax perks which makes it competitively priced in the Philippine market. But until its official debut, we're not sure as to what engines the new sports sedan will have.

What do you think of the 2021 IS' supposed new looks? Is it as good as the current model or does it look too much like an ES? Feel free to post your comments below.