This is your first look at the rumored Xiaomi MS11 EV

Back in 2021, electronics giant Xiaomi announced that it will be making its own electric cars. You read right, the brand more known for making smartphones, TVs, and other consumer electronics will be releasing its own all-electric car.

At the time, Xiaomi did not release any specifications about the upcoming EV. However, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun did say that the EV is scheduled for mass production in 2024. This means that a concept version could be revealed soon as a preview of things to come from the tech giant.

LEAKED: Xiaomi EV looks like a McLaren & Aston Martin combined image

Fast forward to 2023, and it appears that several leaked images of the supposed Xiaomi EV have made their way to the internet. Based on the (grainy) pictures that were apparently spread via the social media website ‘Weibo’, the electric car by Xiaomi appears to take on the form of a sedan. But unlike regular four-doors, the car designed by Xiaomi looks like it features a coupe-like design.

Another thing worth mentioning about the leaked images is that the EV looks like a cross between an Aston Martin and a McLaren. The front end features distinct LED headlights that look like the ones designed by McLaren while the rear taillights seem like it was heavily inspired by Aston Martin DBS. The Xiaomi EV also gets what looks like an all-glass roof, stylish diamond-cut alloy wheels complete with the 'Mi' logo, air intakes at the front, and what appear to be flush door handles on the side.

LEAKED: Xiaomi EV looks like a McLaren & Aston Martin combined image

As far as names are concerned, the upcoming EV could be called “MS11” based on the vanity plate shown in one of the leaked images. On the technology front, the vehicle will apparently be powered by electric motors built in-house by Xiaomi while the battery will supposedly be supplied by CATL and BYD.

Once it’s officially launched, the Xiaomi MS11 could take on the likes of the Sony Afeela sedan which was recently revealed earlier this month. With Xiaomi also a tech giant like Sony, we can expect its cabin to be decked-out with the company’s in-house technologies and features.

LEAKED: Xiaomi EV looks like a McLaren & Aston Martin combined image

With 2024 still a long way away, we might still have to wait until next year before the electronics company fully reveals the so-called MS11 EV.