MG Cyberster EV reveal happening this year

Remember when MG unveiled one heck of a concept in 2021? It's called the Cyberster and boy did it make our jaws drop the first time we saw it.

Revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show of the same year, the two-door concept is an all-electric droptop that borrows its design inspiration from the MGB Roadster of yesteryear. Both the exterior and interior styling of the MG Cyberster looks out of this world and dramatic from every angle.

LOOK: MG Cyberster electric sports car spotted in the wild image

But like most concepts, the production version of the concept that will be revealed a few years later will be toned down to make it more realistic and meet international vehicle regulations. However, it seems MG was able to relatively carry over the concept's sleek looks for the production model.

Pictures of the MG Cyberster that will be launched later this year have been leaked to the web. The grainy photos, which were posted on the Chinese social media website Weibo, show the supposed Cyberster in what looks like a vast parking lot of an MG facility somewhere in the People's Republic. We have yet to see the front end but based on the EV's rear, MG was still able to make the rear of the Cyberster look aggressive post-concept. It even comes with buttresses at the back which were also present in the original concept.

LOOK: MG Cyberster electric sports car spotted in the wild image

We also got a good look at the Cyberster's futuristic cabin. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the interior is the yoke-like steering which further adds to the vehicle's unorthodox design. Then there's the massive display in front of the driver's seat which could serve as the digital instrument cluster and infotainment system.

The center console, meanwhile, appears to also have its own touchscreen panel and is accompanied by what looks like a button-style gear selector for the EV drivetrain. Other neat features worth mentioning inside the MG Cyberster are the tan leather upholstery, the paddle shifters behind the steering yoke, and what looks like a Ferrari-style push-button start on the steering itself.

LOOK: MG Cyberster electric sports car spotted in the wild image

In terms of propulsion, the MG Cyberster is rumored to be available in a single and dual-motor layout. The exact specifications are still a mystery though. It could use the MG4's single motor setup which makes 170 PS, and a dual-motor all-wheel drive version that is speculated to crank out over 400 PS.

With the MG Cyberster set to be revealed later this year, we'll be keeping an eye out for more possible leaks of the all-electric roadster.

Source: Weibo via Carscoops