London Taxi Company (LTC), makers of the iconic black cabs, has unveiled their next generation taxi set to roam around the streets of London by 2017. Called the TX5, it is set to replace the first of the TX series taxis which were introduced in 1997. The new The TX5 rides on a bespoke, all new platform by Geely.

The TX5 retains the styling cues from the Austin FX4 taxi, the predecessor of the TX series cabs. That said, the TX5 comes with a vertical front grill, rounded headlights and chrome touches. “The brief was clear. It has to look like a London taxi.” said Peter Horbury, Senior vice president for Geely design. Horbury is best known for his work with Volvo, now owned by the Chinese company.

It's interior design is still under consideration but a six-seat layout has been confirmed for the TX5. It also comes with a large panoramic glass roof for a more “premium experience.”

Bringing the London cab into the future even further is LTC's decision to use lightweight aluminium structure and composite panelling. In an effort to go green, the TX5 loses the 2.5 liter VM Motori turbodiesel in favor of a plug-in hybrid system that promises a range of over 160 kilometers on a single charge.

While all new tech can be seen in the TX5, it retains the classic London cab traits such as generous headroom, the rear wheel drive layout and a tight turning radius.