Expect more driving schools to pop up

Nowadays, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) requires new driver's license applicants to secure driving course completion certificates from accredited driving schools.

For Applicants of student driver's permits, they are required to undergo a mandatory 15-hour theoretical driving course. On the other hand, for non-professional driver's license applicants, there's an additional practical driving course they should undertake.

For some, the struggle is real in getting a preferable slot to take up driving lessons, not to mention, the costs of the required courses. But soon the situation may become a more favorable one, as there will be more driving schools to choose from.

LTO opens new applications for driving schools image

LTO has announced that they are opening up applications for individuals who wish to put up their own accredited driving schools.

According to the document, interested applicants have until May 23, 2022, to submit the documentary requirements as stipulated in the Memorandum Circular No. 2022-2324, or the “Guidelines for the Accreditation of Accredited Driving Schools IT Service Providers” in select LTO central and regional offices.

This opens up a new batch of private driving schools that can cater to your schedules, and could also bring down the costs of enrolling in these accredited centers, as existing driving schools will have more competition. In addition, this should also strengthen drivers' education in the country further, which we all know that motorists sorely need.