It looks like Mercedes-Benz is going all out in giving their future offerings electric power. For their next car, they'll be putting in a fully electric motor in what is probably the hottest selling vehicle in motoring today: the crossover.

Dubbed the EQC, and it's setting its sights on the small but slowly growing market for EV crossovers. According to Mercedes-Benz, the EQC will be their first, fully-electric vehicle to be sold to the masses. They are targeting 2019 as its official launch year. At the moment, the all-electric completed its extreme winter test in Sweden. Once it reaches production, it is up against the Tesla Model X and recently introduced Jaguar I-Pace, not in terms of size but in terms of propulsion.

Mercedes-Benz EQC


From the looks of it, the EQC will have its own sheetmetal with little traces of the GLC crossover on its body. There are large headlights, as well as a longer front nose than its fuel-fed stablemate. The side profile also looks a bit more sleeker than the GLC while its size is pegged to be similar to it. As for specs, little details surround Mercedes-Benz's first ever EV.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Besides the EQC, Mercedes-Benz is still giving hydrogen power a go as well. They have officially revealed the GLC F-Cell (Fuel Cell), which is said to be the 'world's first electric vehicle to combine a fuel-cell and a plug-in battery in the powertrain'. Like the EQC, Mercedes-Benz has yet to release official specifications for the GLC F-Cell.