MB.OS will be used on next-generation Mercedes EV platform

From the usual engine control unit that manages a vehicle's running gear, manufacturers these days are basically turning vehicles into smartphones on wheels, with integrated functions including in-car entertainment systems, automated driving modules, and navigational apps in one single operating system.

Mercedes-Benz is one of those manufacturers. They have partnered with Google to create the MB.OS which will soon be introduced with the new Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA).

Based on a purpose-built chip-to-cloud architecture, MB.OS benefits from full access to all vehicle domains: infotainment, automated driving, body & comfort, driving & charging. The company created its operating system to be standardized across the entire vehicle portfolio, and is fully updateable for rapid product upgrades and deliberately open for selected partners.

Mercedes-Benz working with Google over next-gen vehicle OS image

In terms of Mercedes-Benz's partnership with Google, the collaboration focuses on the Silver Arrows having its own branded navigation tool using the proven capabilities of the Google Maps Platform. In addition to enabling Mercedes-Benz to design a customized navigation interface, Google will provide its AI and data capabilities to accelerate the development of Mercedes-Benz EVs which will have next-level autonomous driving, among other advanced features.

While Mercedes-Benz defines and controls the architecture with its own hardware and software base layer, the integration of leading technology players grants customers access to the best services, content, and functions.

Also, fully connectable vehicles will be able to share data and improve rapidly over time via OTA updates. From 2025 onwards, certain functionalities can be upgraded over the vehicle lifecycle through the Mercedes me store.

If we remember recently, Hyundai has declared its lineup will become software-defined vehicles by 2025, and it looks like Mercedes-Benz is very much in the same groove. Is this likely to become the trend as more electric vehicles come into play? Let us know in the comments.