Mercedes-Benz recently announced that they will restructure their car nomenclature due to the increasing complexity of naming their vehicles. The update will take effect on 2015 and will change the SUV model range along with the drive systems that each model will use.

"After more than 20 years of continuity involving some of the most recognised and successful product names in the world, we are now making our system of vehicle nomenclature even more understandable. Bearing in mind the international appeal of our brand, our plan has been to devise an even simpler, more transparent and more logical system for the designations of our model series, with the aim of providing clear orientation for our customers", said Dr Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Communications for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.

The core model series which consist of the S, E, C, B and A classes will not be affected and will still carry the capital lettering while the entire SUV classification will be altered. Depending on the model chosen, the GL will turn to the GLS (S-Class), the GLK will have the GLC (C-Class) designation and the ML will now have the GLE (E-Class) monicker.

New Mercedes-Benz nomenclature drive systems

Come 2016, their roadster bearing the SLK model trim will be changed to to SLC. The standard SL will keep its original designation. Also keeping their original names are the 2 four door coupes, the CLS and the CLA.

Also to be updated by Mercedes-Benz are the drive systems that will be assigned to each model. They will be in lower-case letters and will be present at the trunk lid. The Natural Gas Drive will bear the 'c' monicker, the BlueTec and CDI will be changed to 'd', plug-in hybrid and Electric Drive models will be altered to 'e', F-Cell will carry the 'f' badging and standard hybrid models will have the 'h' lettering.

Gasoline-powered models will still have no suffix while the 4MATIC name will still be used for future purposes.