After serving as the president of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) for four years, Mutsuhiro Oshikiri will officially be leaving his post. Starting July 1, 2021, Takeshi Hara will succeed Oshikiri as the new president and CEO of MMPC.

Hara has a long history with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation as a whole. He first joined the company in 1993 and has gained experience in various business fields such as plant operation, corporate planning, sales, and after-sales for MMC in Japan and other countries, such as Thailand.

Before he was appointed the new president and CEO of MMPC, he served as the head of Mitsbushi Motor Sales Carribiean Inc., the brand's subsidiary and distributor in Puerto Rico, from 2019 to 2021. As early as April 2021, Hara joined MMPC as Executive Vice President and Assistant to the president and CEO.

MMPC appoints Takeshi Hara as new president, CEO image

Under Oshikiri, MMPC maintained its position as the number two automotive brand in the Philippines at the height of the pandemic. MMPC was already on its way up, and just before Oshikiri took charge, MMPC recorded its 1 million sales milestone and had the highest sales in a month with 6,822 units (March 2017). Meanwhile, local production reached 700,000 units, 200,000 of which were L300s. It was also under Oshikiri's term did Mitsubishi launch the Xpander locally, one of their best-selling models. Mitsubishi was able to complete the revival of the L300 nameplate under his term, this time with a Euro-4 compliant engine. 

With Hara soon to step in, Mitsubishi believes he can continue the structural reforms initiated by his predecessor and make the company stronger than before. Hara aims to further enhance the customer experience by incorporating programs that are geared to secure new customers and retain loyalty from current Mitsubishi owners.