Collection of fines also suspended until further notice

For motorists dealing with renewal and/or transfer of registration issues due to NCAP violations, here's another bit of good news you can look forward to.

Last week, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has temporarily deactivated the alarm on vehicles tagged by the no-contact apprehension policy (NCAP) done by local government units (LGUs). Now, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has requested the LTO to also lift the alarm tags caused by their agency's NCAP program.

Following the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) by the Supreme Court two weeks ago, MMDA Acting Chairman Carlo Dimayuga III has sent a letter of request to the LTO's service provider Stradcom Corporation with regard to the lifting of alarm tags on apprehended vehicles.

Dimayuga says a significant number of owners and buyers cannot renew and/or transfer the registration of their vehicles due to the unsettled fines of NCAP violations. According to the agency, MMDA has not collected and accepted payment for fines since the Supreme Court issued a TRO on the policy.

Once the MMDA NCAP alarms are lifted, motorists can renew or transfer their LTO registration without paying any additional fines or fees from their existing violations. However, as with the directive issued to the LGUs, the alarms will be reinstated once the Supreme Court affirms the legality of the MMDA NCAP.

In case you've noticed, the LTO has already extended the validity of motor vehicle registrations on plates ending in 8, 9, and 0 by a month, together with licenses and permits expiring in the said periods. If you fail to renew your registration despite the extensions and suspensions, then NCAP no longer excuses motorists from being penalized.