FL5 gets dress up kits and performance upgrades

The 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon is happening next week, where top Japanese aftermarket brands will showcase their latest ideas in styling and tuning.

Speaking of which, Mugen has had decades of experience in creating and developing aftermarket products for Honda. This year, they have turned their attention to the latest Civic Type R, giving the FL5 cosmetic enhancements as well as a few products geared towards better performance.

Mugen is bringing two examples of the FL5, named Group A and Group B. Starting with the former, Mugen added a more prominent front chin splitter and made the Civic Type R’s front corner inlets sharper.

The side skirts for the Group A kit have also been revised, as well as some additional carbon fiber trims on the rear bumper. There’s also a reshaped rear wing at the back and a stainless steel exhaust for good measure.

Mugen dresses up the Civic Type R FL5 for 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon image

Meanwhile, the Group B kit takes things a bit more to the aggressive side and reminds us of the Need For Speed Underground 2 era with its carbon fiber hood full of vents and slits. Mugen added fender gills up front, while broader side sills give the FL5 a more muscular appearance. The Group B kit also features titanium pipes.

Inside, Mugen has created a new steering wheel for the FL5, as well as Mugen-branded bucket seats, shift knobs, and carbon fiber trims on the center console.

In terms of other performance upgrades, Mugen developed new dampers for the FL5, along with new brake calipers and rotors. Lastly, Mugen added BBS-sourced 19-inch forged wheels to complete the package.

For now, Mugen only showed the rendering of the Group A and Group B kits for the Civic Type R, but we’ll get a better look once the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon opens at Makuhari Messe on January 12.