Is Hyundai getting ready to launch the next-gen Starex?

There have been countless spy shots on the next-generation Hyundai Starex. First spotted in May 2020, it was the first hint of an incoming redesigned model. But over the months, the van was cloaked in bulky false panels, effectively disguising its shape. There was a photo of its bare rear end, but the front remained well hidden.

Now, there is another update to the next-gen Starex story. It seems that its launch date is getting closer as the latest batch of spy photos shows it without the false panels. It gives us a better look at the all-new people carrier.

2021 Hyundai Starex starts taking shape image

It's the front end that caught our attention. As it turns out, the design is a lot more rakish than anticipated. The angle of the hood is almost the same as the windshield, making it look like it's one straight line. Even more dramatic is the front-end design. Yes, it's still covered by camouflage, but the headlight and daytime running light combination is a radical departure from the current model. The high-mounted LEDs and bumper-mounted headlights are a stark contrast to the present van's upright design.

Another design bit worth talking about are the side windows. These glass panels take up more than half of the van's centerline, making it look taller than it appears. With that, we reckon it might feel spacious inside because of all the natural light pouring into the cabin.

2021 Hyundai Starex starts taking shape image

As for the rear, the 2021 Starex has a more upright tailgate compared to the outgoing model. Also, the rear windshield is massive, spanning over half of the whole tailgate. Hyundai seems to have visibility in mind, as they extended the taillights as well. Another noteworthy bit of design is the rear bumper, which looks short when placed side by side with the current version.

Late last year, Hyundai Philippines announced that they are launching four new models in 2021. One of them included a shadow of the current-gen Starex, hinting that something big is happening to that model. With these latest spy shots and the camouflage on the vehicle, the all-new Starex might debut sometime this year, and a local launch could be set towards the end of the year.