Remember when Lexus filed the LX 600 trademark here in the Philippines? As it turns out, there's more to it than that. There were rumors that the future large SUV would no longer have a diesel option. Instead, the large SUV will be getting its power from either gas or hybrid powertrains.

However, another trademark has suggested otherwise.

Aside from LX 600, the Japanese luxury automaker has also trademarked the name LX 500d and it's that suffix we're interested in. The 'd' in the name does suggest a diesel engine, much like the current LX 450d. Granted, it's merely a trademark for now but it seems Lexus is ready to deploy that name any time within the decade.

With this piece of information, this could also mean that the Land Cruiser will still be available with a turbo-diesel engine. However, it is unknown if it will still have the same 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8, an upgraded and updated version of the aforementioned engine, or a totally new powertrain. The Land Cruiser's key markets, namely Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and South America use the V8 twin-turbo diesel and it would make sense if Toyota would retain that formula. That said, the Middle East, another strong market for the Land Cruiser, offers the aforementioned SUV with both gas and diesel engines.

Information about the next-generation Lexus LX and Toyota Land Cruiser have been trickling out slowly. Over the past couple of months, reports have mentioned that the design was sent back to the drawing board, it will still have a body-on-frame design, and that the exterior and interior look of the two will greatly differ. There was also a report that the Land Cruiser might no longer be sold in the US as the Lexus LX outsells it over there.

But aside from the LX and Land Cruiser, there are more Toyota and Lexus models in the pipeline. Which ones will be all-new and facelifted? Watch this space.