Out of all the upcoming Nissan models, we are most excited for the next-generation Z or Fairlady Z. Since it was introduced along with the 12 other models a few months ago, we have only seen the sports car’s front end. Specifically, the vehicle’s silhouette and LED headlight signature. Now, thanks to an Instagram post by Nissan’s design boss Alfonso Albaisa, we get to see a bit of the next-gen Z’s rear end. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a live photo of the upcoming Z. We’ll have to wait for September 15 to see it in the metal albeit in prototype form. Instead, Albaisa only posted a design sketch showing off the vehicle’s rear three-quarters.

From the lone design sketch, those familiar with Nissan’s Z cars can easily recognize that the rectangular panel and horizontal light strip that form taillight clusters are heavily inspired by the Z32 300ZX which debuted in 1989. For your easy reference, we have posted a photo of the said Z32 below. 

Does the next Nissan Z’s taillights look familiar? image

Based on previous information, we know that the upcoming Z will have a retro-inspired design. The upcoming Z’s front end is heavily inspired by the original 240Z as seen on the roofline. There’s also the Z-badge on the C-pillar, another nod to the original 240Z. Now that’s we’ve seen the Z32-inspired rear-end, it takes the retro-styling even further.

Nissan isn’t revealing everything about the car just yet. The engine, for example, is still shrouded in mystery with rumors saying that the car could be powered by a twin-turbo V6 or even a hybrid. However, all of that is still speculation at the moment with Nissan neither confirming nor denying anything.

Thanks to the sketch shown by Albaisa, we now have a clearer image of what the next-generation Z will look like both from the front and rear. September 15 can’t come sooner.