Hyper Urban concept by Nissan combines sustainability with hip & trendy design

Nissan is all set to showcase a bevy of concept cars at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. In fact, the automaker recently started livestreaming Lo-Fi music 24 hours a day on YouTube in preparation for the reveal of four new concept cars at the said show in the coming weeks.

One of the vehicles Nissan will reveal soon is the Hyper Urban crossover. Looking like it came straight out of Night City from the digital world of Cyberpunk 2077, the angular-looking crossover concept essentially previews Nissan's design and technological capabilities in the future.

Nissan Hyper Urban EV concept meets Cyberpunk and Bladerunner image

Revealed digitally within the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Kanagawa, the Nissan Hyper Urban is touted to perfectly complement the sophisticated tastes of its target market – particularly urban and suburban-based professionals who prioritize environmental sustainability.

With its sleek profile and angular shapes, the bold-looking crossover concept is designed to catch everybody's attention. Borrowing inspiration from the Nissan Ariya, the Urban Hyper gets a more dramatic look with its sharp edges, angular lines, and muscular curves.

The front fascia gets a full-width LED lighting element while the bumpers and side skirts are finished in gloss black which contrasts nicely with the lime yellow paint. Last but not least are the large aerodynamically-designed alloy wheels wrapped in huge tires.

Nissan Hyper Urban EV concept meets Cyberpunk and Bladerunner image

While some expected the Hyper Urban to be a two-door crossover, it's actually a four-door complete with gullwing-type doors that reveal a lounge-like cabin. It gets the same lime-yellow-like color on the inside and is complemented by what looks to be LED ambient lighting. Meanwhile, the rear seats come with ottomans and a large media display for a more relaxing riding experience.

Nissan Hyper Urban EV concept meets Cyberpunk and Bladerunner image

The digital instrument cluster is also worth mentioning as it can be refreshed to show the latest styles and interfaces without having to replace the entire assembly. Hardware and software updates will also play a key role in Hyper Urban's design as it will be more sustainable in the long run for future vehicle owners.

For the full EV experience, it comes with a V2H function (vehicle-to-home) which can power a home and reduce electrical costs. It will also allow owners to contribute surplus power to the grid to support local communities and earn money in the process.

Nissan Hyper Urban EV concept meets Cyberpunk and Bladerunner image

Those looking to visit the Japan Mobility Show 2023 will be able to see the Hyper Urban concept digitally later this month once the show becomes open to the public.