FL5 is the most powerful Civic Type R sold in the US

The all-new Civic Type R has already made its visual debut back in July, but it's only now that Honda is finally dishing out official numbers on the hot hatch to start the -BER months.

Honda CTR specs US image

For the record, the FL5 is now the most powerful factory Civic Type R sold in the United States. But unlike the Japanese spec sheet we've covered recently, what's worth noting is that the US-spec Civic Type R is using the K20C1 powerplant that's being made in Honda's Ohio engine plant.

Compared to the K20C that's on the (supposed) JDM-spec FL5, the USDM Civic Type R has 320 PS, 10 PS less than the Japanese version. Meanwhile, torque is similar at 420 Nm.

Honda CTR specs US image

The previous-generation FK8 had a tendency to overwork its cooling systems during track driving. But now, Honda says they've improved the engine cooling capabilities of the Civic Type R to sustain optimal performance on extended track times. In addition, there's an active exhaust valve that heightens and enhances the exhaust note when the engine goes into higher RPMs.

As mentioned in the leaked Japanese brochure, the FL5 is 38mm longer, 13mm wider and 29mm lower than the previous FK8. The US market also has its tire width increased by 20mm, while the previous 20-inch wheels have been replaced by smaller 19-inch alloys.

Honda CTR specs US image

For its interior, Honda has fitted the FL5 with a performance-focused cockpit, which consists of a new digital instrument cluster that has its own performance data logger. This enables drivers to record their lap times and compare data with other users to improve their track skills.

While we'd love to give more information about the all-new Civic Type R, the numbers we've mentioned are what Honda in the US has revealed for now. Even its pricing is a bit of information Honda still has not divulged. 

Once the 2023 Honda Civic Type R is officially launched, it will come in five colors: Rallye Red, Boost Blue, Crystal Black Pearl, Sonic Grey Pearl, and of course, the Type R trademark Championship White.