After several delays, Omoda & Jaecoo will be making their official debut in PH

Last year, Omoda and Jaecoo announced they plan to officially make their presence felt in the Philippines before 2023 ends. They even announced what vehicles they will be bringing like the Omoda 5, the Omoda 5 EV, and the Jaecoo 7. More importantly, the automaker was able to bring the first batch of Omoda 5 crossovers into the country last year.

Omoda, Jaecoo finally launching in PH at MIAS 2024 image

Unfortunately, Omoda and Jaecoo had to delay their brand launch for another time. With that, we were left wondering if both brands would continue to set up shop in the country. Fast forward to January 2024, and we have received word from the two companies that they will hold their official launch at this year's Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).

You read right, the two automakers will finally be making their presence felt to the public. In fact, both the Omoda and Jaecoo booths will be situated at the SMX Convention Center, the second venue of MIAS 2024. However, we are still wondering why Omoda and Jaecoo decided to delay their brand launch.

Omoda, Jaecoo finally launching in PH at MIAS 2024 image

Speaking with an anonymous source who is familiar with the matter, they told us that the decision to postpone their brand launch was due to the two brands wanting to debut more vehicles upon market entry. In addition, our source told us that this works in their favor since their network will be far more established come April 2024.

As to what we can expect to see when they make their official debut, Omoda will likely reveal the 5 and 5 EV crossovers. Meanwhile, Jaecoo could unveil the 7 and 8 crossover SUVs.

Omoda, Jaecoo finally launching in PH at MIAS 2024 image

With just a few months to go before both Omoda and Jaecoo make their grand debut at MIAS 2024, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for any new information or possible leaks.