It's not everyday that Pagani and Fiat are used in the same sentence. However, the Italian supercar maker's latest one-off build takes inspiration from a Fiat concept that dates back to 1954. Called the Huayra Lampo, which is Italian for lighting, it was built for Garage Italia Customs with a retro theme in mind. Specifically, after the Fiat Turbina concept with its red and white livery.

Pagani takes inspiration from Fiat for one-off Huayra Lampo

Taking a step back in time, the Fiat Turbina concept was a gas-turbine powered sports car, hence the name 'Turbina'. It had a claimed power  output of 300 PS and a drag coeficient of only 0.14. Unsurprisingly, it only remained a concept.

Going back to the Huayra Lampo, it gets new carbon fiber fabric panels with aluminum inserts to make the color more vivid and shine brighter. A host of transparent paint was also used throughout the rest of the body. An Italian flag was painted on the vehicle's rear quarter to further connect the two vehicles. As a nod to Fiat, the wheels and aluminum parts around the car are painted original gold color used in the Turbina's sign. The theme continues on inside with brown leather and annodized bronze aluminum accents.

Pagani takes inspiration from Fiat for one-off Huayra Lampo

Apart from the unique paint scheme, the Huayra Lampo also gets an upgrade from the Tempesta package. The upgrade includes larger front openings to channel cool air as well as new elements on the front splitter. Additional carbon fiber body parts from the Huayra BC have also been fitted on to this one-off model. However, power still remains the same at 765 PS coming from a 6.0-liter V12. 

As told by Garage Italia Customs, the Huayra Lampo is said to be one of the most time consuming projects undertaken by Pagani, taking two years to develop.