Director PBGen. Marbil wants PNP-HPG to return all sequestered LED lights

Isauli nyo na yan, hindi tama yan, if you want to be fair to everybody. Not because nagkamali kami, but because gusto ko ang laban fair.” (These have to be returned, this is not right, if you want to be fair to everybody. Not because we made a mistake, but because I want the fight to be fair.)

These words were spoken by Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) Director PBGen. Rommel Francisco D. Marbil to specifically address the issue of confiscated LED lights.

That quote was from a conference yesterday (January 25, 2022) regarding the implementation of PD 96, RA 4136, and other related laws.

For reference, PD 96 is a presidential decree that regulates the use of vehicle accessories including 'domelights and similar signaling or flashing devices’ that are ‘inconsistent with sound traffic discipline and control on the highways.’

Meanwhile, RA 4136 – Section 34 C to be exact – has specific stipulations regarding vehicle headlights, their use, colors, intensity, and position while Section 34 F details the way lights are installed and used on a motorcycle.

As early as 2018, the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has taken stern measures against accessorized (sirens, blinkers, loud exhausts) vehicles, including those with LED lights and fog lamps.

Around this time last year, in the agency’s ‘8th Simultaneous Nationwide Oplan Lambat Bitag Sasakyan-One Time Big Time Operations’, along with more than a thousand motorized vehicles (motorcycles included) impounded, 442 illegal accessories were also confiscated.

Aside from ‘fairness’, PBGen. Marbil also acknowledged that our street lighting infrastructure is not good, which is why enhanced lighting for vehicles can be allowed.

He did reiterate however that the PNP-HPG did not make a mistake in implementing PB 96 and RA 4136. “But telling us na nagkamali kami and we will fight it out with you” (But telling us that we made a mistake and we will fight it out with you), added PBGen Marbil.

Let us clear it out, isasauli na po natin yan, let us put this….tapos na po yan, wag na lang natin pahiyain yung pulis natin na ginawa nila yung tama, sa tingin nila tama,” [Let us clear it out, we will return them (LED lights), let us put this….this is done, let us not embarrass our policemen because they did what was right, what they think was right.] was PBGen. Marbil’s appeal to the public.

He stated that the actions of the PNP-HPG were righteous “but because of some doubts”, adding that since certain things were unclear (regarding the statutes of the PD and RA), the confiscated items will be returned in order to be fair to everybody.

In closing, PBGen. Marbil stressed, “one thing is for sure, bawal po yung siren and blinkers natin.” (One thing is for sure, sirens and blinkers are prohibited.)