A Gold Metallic Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid is Porsche Leipzig’s 2-millionth car

Porsche has just achieved a production milestone in its Leipzig factory located in Saxony, Germany. Recently, employees at the Leipzig site celebrated completing the 2-millionth car produced at the said factory, a Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid finished in Gold Metallic.

With the vehicle representing the factory’s achievement, does this mean the Panamera will be placed in a museum for safekeeping? Not exactly as the high-performance sedan is now on its way to a customer in Dubai. That’s right, instead of displaying it at one of their facilities, the 2-millionth vehicle produced at Leipzig will be going to its owner.

Porsche Leipzig factory has built its 2-millionth vehicle image

“The success story of our Leipzig location is closely linked to the Panamera. Like the location itself, the model represents growth and change,” said Gerd Rupp, Chairman of the Management Board of Porsche Leipzig GmbH.

In 2009, the Panamera was initially built and painted by the Porsche Group. The Leipzig assembly plant first opened in 2002, and when it was expanded into a full factory it turned the Panamera into a ‘true Leipziger’. In November 2013, the first body construction plant and paint shop started production at the location. Then in 2016, production of the second-generation Panamera began.

Porsche Leipzig factory has built its 2-millionth vehicle image

“The expansion to a full factory was a groundbreaking decision for the site. As a full factory, we manufacture models in their entirety, from the construction of the body to the final assembly. This has laid the foundation for new car projects and continued growth,” added Rupp.

Aside from producing models such as the Panamera, the Leipzig factory is also known as a “smart” and “green” factory. In fact, the facility has already won several awards. The awards include the Platinum rating from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the Lean & Green Management Award 2021. In November, the factory received the renowned Factory of the Year award for 2023.

Porsche Leipzig factory has built its 2-millionth vehicle image

Its objective has been to prepare the factory and its processes for the future in the best possible way – making them intelligent, digital, and connected. Sustainability is also a central aspect of the factory strategy. This includes the vision of a Zero Impact Factory – that is, a production process that leaves no ecological footprint.

For Panamera customers in the country, know that the high-performance sedan comes from a factory that has just produced its 2-millionth model which speaks to the Porsche pedigree that every vehicle comes with.