Geely sub-brand Radar officially reveals RD6 EV

Remember when Geely’s new EV sub-brand Radar revealed teaser images of its electric pickup truck? Well, the automaker has just officially launched its first-ever model and it is called the RD6.

Billed as a pure electric outdoors lifestyle adventure vehicle, the RD6 represents Geely’s commitment to delivering a zero-emissions vehicle that can go almost anywhere no matter the terrain. Launched under the Radar brand, which is an independent company within the Geely Holding Group, their first-ever product is the aforementioned pickup truck.

Radar RD6 is Geely’s stylish all-electric pick-up truck image

Starting with its looks, the EV pick-up was penned by Peter Horbury, the Executive Vice President of Geely Design, who has been lending support for the RD6. While not mentioned by Horbury or Radar themselves, the RD6 appears to have borrowed some styling cues from the Okavango.

With its bold front fascia that features eye-catching LED headlights, sleek LED daytime running lights, a sporty front bumper, as well as a flashy grille, the RD6 is quite the dashing pickup truck. Even the rear doesn’t come with the usual pickup design. The LED taillights are mounted on the tailgate itself, as well as the license plate holder.

Radar RD6 is Geely’s stylish all-electric pick-up truck image

In true pickup fashion, the RD6 comes with a sizeable bed, but what makes it even better is that it has various electrical outlets and charging ports. This will allow users to plug in and power various devices/appliances and even recharge smartphones while camping or glamping in the great outdoors.

Platform-wise, Radar says the RD6 is based on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). This will allow the EV to come with either a single or dual-motor setup. Based on this info, the EV will most likely be available in FWD or AWD, depending on the variant or trim level. Official performance figures, range, and battery capacity will be revealed at a later date, however.

Radar RD6 is Geely’s stylish all-electric pick-up truck image

Aside from the RD6, Radar is also developing a full portfolio of electric lifestyle vehicles that will include SUVs and even ATVs. This will be made possible as Radar has its own R&D facility and a fully equipped EV production line. Production and deliveries of the RD6 will begin in Q4 of 2022.

Radar RD6 is Geely’s stylish all-electric pick-up truck image

“Understanding this new market segment and creating a new brand specifically for these unique users has been the highlight of my career so far. Radar Auto will be purpose-driven from the outset and that purpose is to allow users to explore the world in a more sustainable way,” said Dr. Ling Shi Quan, CEO of Radar.

With the Radar RD6 revealed in China, we certainly hope Geely will make it available outside its home market. And with diesel prices still at an all-time high, we wouldn’t mind actually driving the RD6 if it means saving money at the pumps.