Honda has sold out all 8,600 units of the S660 kei car in Japan during its first production run and is fully booked until June next year.

Bloomberg reports that four in five customers are over 40 years old which is much older demographic than Honda expected.

According to company spokeswoman Misato Fukushima, most of the customers were returning clients and bought the S660 as a second car. With the positive unit sales, Honda is still bothered because they opt to attract younger customers to buy the S660.

Honda S660 sold out in Japan

The reason being is that young people in Japan don't consider owning a car due to the efficient public transport system. In fact, the number of driver license holders in Japan under the age of 40 has dropped to 46-percent over the last 13 years.

Honda adds they expected the S660 to appeal to older customers, but the company also hoped that the percentage of young buyers will rise. The Japanese automaker plans to restart taking orders from October.

Source: Bloomberg