MMDA temporarily suspends all road repairs in Metro Manila until next year

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is expecting more cars to be on the road as the holiday rush draws near. With the expected increase in the number of vehicles and pedestrians this holiday season, the MMDA has announced that excavation activities along major roads in Metro Manila are suspended starting today until January 6, 2023.

Among the many road works that have been temporarily halted by the government agency include road reblocking, pipe-laying, and road upgrading. However, there are also several excavation works that are not covered by the temporary suspension.

These are flagship projects by the government, DPWH bridge repair/construction, flood interceptor catchment project (box culvert), asphalt overlaying without reblocking, sidewalk and drainage improvements, footbridge projects, emergency leak repair or breakage of water line of Manila Water or Maynilad, new water service or electrical service connections, traffic signaling projects, and Meralco relocation works that will affect major government projects.

Since there will be no road reblocking, road upgrading, or pipe-laying activities until after the New Year, the MMDA expects this will help with traffic flow amid the holiday season. Unfortunately, this also means that major roads with rutted portions will only be repaired after January 6 of next year.

The next time you’re traveling in Metro Manila over the next weekends and notice there are little to no road works being done, know that the MMDA has suspended major excavation works for the time being.