Better expect changes to your parking habits if you’re a regular in the Greenhills/San Juan area.

San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez has revisited an existing Executive Order regarding parking in the city and has revised it in order to support the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) drive to clear up the Mabuhay Lanes.

Under Executive Order No. GGG-02-004, double parking on three roads that are part of the 17 Mabuhay Lanes will be prohibited.

Parking will only be allowed on one-side of the following streets:

  • Annapolis (from the corner of Club Filipino and Eisenhower) [side nearer to Northeast Greenhills Village]
  • Missouri (from the corner of Annapolis up to the corner of Connecticut Streets) [side nearer to Greenhills Shopping Complex, except in front of Gloria Maris Restaurant]
  • Connecticut (in front of Ford Edsa up to the corner of Edsa) [side nearer to Northeast Greenhills Village]

Under the experimental scheme, motorists found violating the Executive Order will be penalized under the San Juan City Traffic Management Code. Once approved by the San Juan City Council, the scheme will be implemented as a city ordinance.