A baby Toyota Land Cruiser 300 made its way in China

We know that some Chinese automakers tend to borrow “inspiration” from famous nameplates when designing their own vehicles. From SUVs that look like the Defender and Range Rover to luxury sedans that mimic the design of Mercedes-Benz and Audi, it's no longer surprising to see cars from the People's Republic looking like an exact copy.

So when we found out that a particular Chinese car company decided to make their own Toyota Land Cruiser 300, we just had to take a look. What we didn't expect, however, is to see a pint-sized version of the popular 4x4 luxury SUV.

Someone made a pint-sized version of the Land Cruiser 300 image

That's right, what you're seeing is a shrunken version of the Land Cruiser 300, albeit not exactly as good-looking as the original. We're not entirely sure if it's a production vehicle or a kit conversion meant to look just like the LC 300. What we do know is that the proportions are all wrong. With its high roof, tiny wheels, overly-large fenders, and unusual tailgate, this tiny LC 300 looks all wrong. Granted, the face of the vehicle looks like an exact copy of the Toyota. But the rest of the vehicle just doesn't look right.

While we can appreciate the effort of whoever made this tiny-looking Land Cruiser copy, we believe most will agree that the vehicle's overall shape and design are not well-suited.

Someone made a pint-sized version of the Land Cruiser 300 image

What can you say about this pint-sized Land Cruiser 300 wannabe? Share with us what you think about this shrunken LC 300 lookalike.

Source: Weibo via Carscoops