At the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will be revealing the upcoming Viziv Performance Concept. However, the concept vehicle will not be the only vehicle stealing the spotlight at Subaru's booth. It will be sitting along side the S208 and the BRZ STI Sport, both of which are limited edition Japan only models.

Starting with the S208, it is essentially a more performance oriented version of the MY18 Subaru WRX STI. Like it's predecessor, the S207, the S208 only come in limited numbers. Specifically only 450 units of the said model will be produced, and will only be offered in Japan. Like the recently revealed Subaru WRX STI Type RA, the S208 focuses mainly on pushing more power, and losing weight.

Subaru reveals hardcore S208, BRZ STI Sport for Japan

To shed weight, the S208 now comes equipped with a carbon fiber roof, lowering the center of gravity. The suspension has also been retweaked, allowing it to corner faster. It also has a revised aero which includes a large rear wing. Inside, there are new Recaro seats to hold the occupants in place.

As for power output, Subaru has kept quiet about the exact figures, and will only reveal the official numbers during the S208's public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. Do expect the S208's 2.0-liter turbocharged flat four to have more power than the S207, which produced 323PS and 431 Nm of torque.

Subaru reveals hardcore S208, BRZ STI Sport for Japan

As for the BRZ STI Sport, Subaru says it will provide 'pure handling delight' in their sporty rear-wheel drive coupe. The STI Sport will also deliver superior handling and improved ride quality compared to the standard BRZ.

Like previous STI tuned BRZ variants, the STI Sport does not receive a power upgrade and retains the factory 205 PS. Instead, it does benefit from having an exclusive retuned suspension, and improved body ridigity. In fact, Subaru says it is the highest specification BRZ built to date.

Subaru reveals hardcore S208, BRZ STI Sport for Japan

To differentiate it from other BRZ variants, the STI Sport is finished in a unique Cool Gray Khaki paint. Subaru has not yet revealed how many examples of the STI Sport will be produced, but models finished in Cool Gray Khaki will be limited to 100 units.

Interested customers of both the BRZ STI Sport and the S208 can not simply just walk up to the showroom and buy one after its launch. Instead, one has to sign up for a lottery at any Japanese Subaru dealership which will randomly select people who are lucky enough to buy one. Seems like one needs more than just money to buy both the S208 and the BRZ STI Sport.