New Toyota Hilux GR-S ready to bring the fight to the Ford Ranger Raptor

It's highly unusual for a manufacturer to launch a pickup truck on a circuit. But we all know Toyota wants to surprise everyone.

Launched at the 2023 TGR Vios Cup is the much-anticipated Hilux GR Sport, which is Toyota's answer to the Ford Ranger Raptor. As expected, the pickup truck is wider, packs more power, and features improvements to its suspension.

In addition, it's also retailing for a lot less than what we initially reported yesterday. Instead of being priced at PHP 2.7 million, the wider and bulkier Hilux GR Sport will actually sell for a (somewhat) reasonable PHP 2.166 million. However, if you want the pickup truck finished in Emotional Red, you better cough up an extra PHP 20,000 for that distinct hue.

Surprise! 2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport undercuts Ranger Raptor image

Toyota has yet to say the exact specifications of the 2024 Hilux GR Sport. But looking at the vehicle they revealed at Clark Speedway, it's wider and bulkier than your typical Hilux and comes with the aforementioned suspension upgrade.

For starters, the Hilux GR Sport has adopted the broader look that was first done by the Hilux Rogue last year. Official dimensions have yet to be revealed but in other markets, the pickup measures 5320 mm long, 2020 mm wide, and 1880 mm tall. This makes it 120 mm wider and 65 mm taller than the outgoing GR-S Hilux.

In terms of styling, the new Hilux GR Sport is wearing wider overfenders inspired by the Hilux Dakar rally truck. There's also a new front bumper design with the signature GR grille mesh and the TOYOTA lettering in the middle. These visual changes were also made to optimize the Hilux's aerodynamic efficiency as well as better engine cooling.

Toyota says they upgraded the suspension of the new Hilux GR Sport to deliver better handling. The front track width was increased by 140 mm, while the rear axle width was increased by 155 mm. Dedicated monotube shock absorbers courtesy of KYB and stiffer coil springs were done to give a more optimal front and rear suspension balance.

Surprise! 2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport undercuts Ranger Raptor image

Unfortunately, the Hilux GR Sport still does not come with a multi-link coil spring setup at the back like its rival, the Ranger Raptor. Last but not least, it gets 17-inch Dakar Rally-inspired wheels that are wrapped in 265/65 series tires.

Inside, Toyota carried over most of the interior features of the outgoing GR-S to the new Hilux GR Sport. It still has black upholstery with red stitching, as well as GR branding on various areas in the cabin.

Underneath the hood is an improved version of Toyota's 1GD-FTV engine. From 204 PS and 500 Nm, the turbodiesel unit of the Hilux GR Sport now puts out 224 PS at 3000 rpm and 550 Nm of torque at 2800 rpm. Along with the power bump, Toyota says they retuned the 6-speed automatic transmission to give a sportier feel.

To clamp down the more powerful pickup truck, the Hilux GR Sport gets four-piston brake calipers in front with 338 mm front discs, while the rear has smaller 312 mm discs with single-piston floating calipers.

Surprise! 2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport undercuts Ranger Raptor image

More details regarding the 2024 Hilux GR Sport will be revealed when Toyota launches it alongside the updated Hilux range later this year.

But while the performance pickup now has a lower SRP than what even their retailers expected, the supply too will likely be low. Expect long wait times as dealers will undoubtedly have to prioritize certain transactions in their favor to maximize profitability.