It seems there's an issue with the Mitsubishi's very popular small multi-purpose vehicle, the Xpander.

According to some reports on social media by customers who purchased their vehicles this year. The basic description of the problem is that their Xpander had a tendency to stall while being driven. One report was more specific: their Xpander stalled at 60 km/h while being driven on the highway.

The problem has been determined as something that stemmed from a fault with the fuel system, specifically the fuel pump. 

We reached out to a senior executive of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), which imports the Xpander units from the brand's manufacturing hub in Indonesia, regarding the problem. And it seems they were already all over it, and send us this statement:

"We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to our customers by the recent technical issue being encountered in our Xpander model. We have started receiving service complaints regarding the fuel pump issue sometime in April. We are currently looking into the cause of the issue and have expedited the arrival of [replacements for the] affected parts this month for distribution. For concerns regarding this issue, please visit any of our authorized dealers nationwide"

So if you're an Xpander owner that is experiencing problems with the fuel system of your vehicle, Mitsubishi is working on a solution for you.

The striking commonality (based on testimonials by Xpander customers) is that the fuel pump issue has been found in Xpander units that were released this year. That is highly unusual as a model has a tendency to have some bugs and issues on the first vehicles that come through the assembly line, and subsequent units that were produced later on are typically better than the initial batches of vehicles. 

The Xpander is produced in Indonesia; a regional hub for multi-purpose vehicles. The Xpander quickly garnering rave reviews and prompting Mitsubishi to maximize production at the factory in Bekasi. Is it a problem with regards to the fuel pump supplier?