LTO releases schedule of when ECQ-expired motor vehicle registrations can be renewed

Need to have your motor vehicle registration renewed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) once the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been lifted? We have some good news as the LTO recently released the guidelines and schedules in processing the necessary documents.

For registration of motor vehicles, plate numbers or conduction stickers/month of initial registration indicated in the Original Receipt (OR) that ends in number 3 (March), and those middle or second to the last digit of plate number ending in 7, 8, 9, 0 can go to the LTO offices during the first week or second week upon the resumption of offices.

Meanwhile, vehicles with plate numbers, conduction stickers/month of initial registration ending in number 4 (April) are allowed to go to the LTO on the third, fourth, or fifth week upon resumption of operations. As for motor vehicles with plate numbers ending in 5 (May), they can have their registrations renewed by the sixth, seventh, or eighth week upon the resumption of work at LTO offices.

For owners that have new vehicle registrations from March 5, 2020, up until the date of work resumption, the LTO said that owners will not receive any penalties if the sale is reported within fifteen calendar days upon work resumption.


Operators that had their Temporary Operator's Permits (TOP) expire on March 16, 2020, up to the resumption of work will no longer be authorized to use the TOP as a temporary license. Instead, the settlement/adjudication of apprehension cases is extended for 30 calendar days upon resumption of work.

Need to have your driver's license renewed but scared you might have to pay penalty fees? Not to worry as the LTO has also extended the validity of driver's licenses that expired during the ECQ up to 2 months. As mentioned last week, the 60-day count does not start from the day a driver's license expired. Instead, it will begin from the end of the ECQ on 11:59 PM on May 15 (or later, depending on the IATF's decision whether to extend the ECQ). This would make a license that expired between March 17 – May 15 technically valid up until mid-July 14, 2020, by our count.

The LTO reiterated that vehicle owners must follow the said weeks on when they will be allowed to have their MV registrations renewed in order to avoid congestion at LTO offices, as well as have orderly transactions during the renewal process.

With the Inter-Agency Task Force yet to announce their recommendation whether to extend the ECQ beyond May 15, 2020, motorists with expired driver's licenses or motor vehicle registrations will have to wait whether they can already go to the LTO offices soon. At least the LTO announced early as to which motorists will be allowed to renew theirs in order to avoid congesting renewal centers once the General Community Quarantine is in effect.