Third batch of RFID-only toll plazas revealed by the TRB

More and more toll plazas are now converting to AutoSweep and EasyTrip RFID-exclusive booths. This is part of the dry-run the government is currently conducting to test the smooth implementation of electronic toll collection over cash payments.

In addition to the first and second batches of toll plazas using only RFID toll collection, the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) announced that a third batch of toll plazas will begin collecting toll fees via cashless means starting today, September 15, 2023.

For AutoSweep subscribers, the TRB said that all NAIAX toll plazas are now RFID-only. In addition, the Alabang southbound exit and Skyway Alpha & Bravo segments of Skyway 1 & 2 are also RFID-only toll plazas. The Quezon Avenue northbound exit, Buendia southbound exit, and the G. Araneta northbound entry of Skyway Stage are also part of the new batch of RFID-only toll plazas.

These toll plazas are now RFID-only starting today image

Along SLEX, motorists are reminded that both the Calamba Real north & southbound entry points, the Canlubang Mayapa southbound entry, the Turbina southbound exit, and the Filinvest exit will now collect tolls via RFID. Last but not least is the Sto. Tomas southbound entry along STAR Tollway and the Rosario Toll Plaza in TPLEX.

For motorists using EasyTrip, the TRB announced that the Laguna Boulevard B toll plaza and the Silang East toll plaza are now RFID-only.

As a reminder, the TRB shared that non-participating toll plazas shall continue to collect tolls through both RFID and cash. Meanwhile, motorists with no RFID stickers passing through participating toll plazas will be directed to a safe location where they can pay the toll fees in cash and shall be persuaded to get an RFID sticker.

Though cash payments are still allowed, motorists are highly encouraged to switch to RFID for a faster and more convenient entry/exit at the toll plazas.