Plug-in hybrid Jetour Dashing i-DM revealed at Auto Shanghai 2023

When Jetour made its presence felt at Auto Shanghai 2023, the automaker surely made a huge bang. Not only did they reveal the badass-looking T-3 Concept, but they also showcased the T-2 SUV. Set to arrive in the Philippines later this year , the upcoming vehicle will be available with electrified powertrains, a Borg Warner 4WD system, and go-anywhere capability.

But apart from revealing the T-2 SUV and the T-3 Concept, Jetour also revealed an electrified version of the all-new Dashing. Revealed at the 20th Auto Shanghai is the Dashing i-DM, and boy does it pack quite the punch.

This electrified Jetour Dashing has 545 Nm of torque image

While it may look just like a regular Dashing that we already get in the Philippines, this particular version gets a helping hand from dual electric motors that give it extra get-up and go, and at the same time produce fewer emissions. The result is a total system output of 326 PS and a healthy 545 Nm of torque. Not only that but the plug-in hybrid Dashing comes with a 3,000 kW capacity for charging other devices as standard - making outdoor travel more enjoyable.

The introduction of a new electrified powertrain for the Dashing is part of Jetour’s shift towards utilizing new energy powertrains. By 2024, Jetour aims to get all of its models electrified and have them available in international markets.

This electrified Jetour Dashing has 545 Nm of torque image

There’s no word yet if the electrified Dashing i-DM will be offered to the Philippine market in the future. However, according to Jetour Auto Philippines, they do have plans to bring electrified vehicles into the country in the not-so-distant future. Perhaps the only question now is when will it actually happen.

With the Jetour T-2 set to arrive first later in September of this year, perhaps the electrified vehicles could make their way here in Q4 of 2023 or in early 2024. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any new information regarding this matter.