Check out the upcoming HKS parts for the Toyota GR86

When Toyota and Subaru announced the arrival of the new GR86 and BRZ, people were wondering what engine would be under the hood. More importantly, would it be naturally aspirated or turbocharged? But following their launch, both models continue to be powered by a naturally-aspirated Boxer engine. Instead of the previous 2.0-liter FA20, however, they now get a more powerful 2.4-liter flat-four engine.

Still, some feel that 235 horsepower is not enough for the GR86. Thankfully, HKS will soon have a solution to the lack of power. The Japanese tuning house recently revealed the GR86 HKS Concept, and it features a wide range of upgrades both inside and out. For starters, the GR86 is fitted with HKS's “street” aero kit comprised of a front lip, side skirts, and rear bumper spoiler. Though it's subtle, there's also a ducktail spoiler with a larger GT wing stacked on top.

The GR86 sits on lightweight Advan Racing GT Beyond wheels hiding large Endless brakes. For better handling, HKS fitted Hipermax S adjustable coilovers.

This HKS supercharged Toyota GR86 has 340 HP image

The main highlight of the GR86 HKS Concept can be found under the hood, specifically the company's GT2 Supercharger system. Yes, this GR86 is no longer naturally aspirated, giving it a healthy boost in power. HKS claims the supercharger kit boosts output to around 340 horsepower, a 105 horsepower increase over the factory settings. However, torque figures have yet to be revealed. Other powertrain upgrades include an HKS Hi-Power Spec L II exhaust and a twin-plate clutch to handle the increased power. A Mastery ECU has been fitted for tuning and to monitor engine parameters.

For now, there's no price for the Supercharger kit, as well as the other HKS products fitted onto the demo car. If you visit the HKS website, it says these products are still under development. That said, don't expect the kits to be cheap. A good reference point would be the price of the HKS Supercharger kit for the previous-generation 86/BRZ.

This HKS supercharged Toyota GR86 has 340 HP image

The odds of Toyota and Subaru developing a factory turbocharger GR86 and BRZ are slim to none. Thankfully, the aftermarket world has got as covered. Who knows, the HKS Supercharger kit might be on sale already by the time the Toyobaru twins are launched in the Philippines.