But PH units not affected, says Toyota

Toyota is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to safety and reliability, but its good reputation is being placed in jeopardy because of its subsidiary, Daihatsu.

Earlier this year, Toyota's Daihatsu brand was found to have rigged its safety tests in almost all models it currently has in production. Those included Toyota-branded models such as the Avanza, Raize, Rush, Veloz, Vios, and the Wigo. The rigged side collision and door lining safety tests affected around 88,000 vehicles in a previous report.

However, the latest investigations suggest the scope is far bigger than the reported number in April. They found new irregularities in 174 items within 25 test categories, affecting a total of 64 models and 3 engines in total. These include 22 models and 1 engine being sold by Toyota.

In response to these findings, Daihatsu has decided to temporarily suspend shipments of all Daihatsu-developed models in production, both in Japan and overseas. Toyota has also decided to temporarily suspend shipments of the affected units.

The DNGA-based models such as the Avanza, Raize, Rush, Veloz, Vios, Wigo, and even the all-new Yaris Cross are included on the list. However, units exported to the Philippines are not affected and as such, sales and shipments of the models should continue.

The affected markets include Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, Central and South American countries of Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Uruguay are also included.

In a statement, Toyota said a fundamental reform is needed to revitalize Daihatsu as a company. It will require not only a review of management and business operations but also a review of the organization and structure, as well as a change in human resource development and awareness of each and every employee. Toyota says they will provide full support to Daihatsu's revitalization so that it can return to its roots as the "compact mobility company" that Toyota and Daihatsu are striving for it to be, as well as regain the trust of all stakeholders.