In line with Toyota's Southeast Asian initiative, Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) has partnered with Grab to help the country's TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Services) operators and drivers. With the newly-established partnership, the goal is to get TNVS drivers and operators in getting their vehicles faster while including a care package to keep the units in tip-top shape.

Toyota will be offering a vehicle replacement package for existing Grab drivers, plus an easy ownership package to go along with it. The easy ownership package sees discounts on vehicle servicing for up to 80,000 kilometers, slashed pricing on batteries, and more affordable air-con cleaning and detailing services.

For those who are considering getting into the TNVS business, Toyota will also offer exclusive, flexible financing deals. Also, those looking to replace their old Grab unit can avail of competitive trade-in values for their vehicle.

Earlier this year, Grab Holdings, Inc. received a $1 billion US investment from Toyota. From there, Grab serves as Toyota's vehicle dispatch service platform. Meanwhile, Toyota serves as Grab's significant mobility partner by providing vehicle fleets at special rates. The two companies will then exchange information to enhance Grab's algorythims, and help Toyota in their development in autonomous vehicles in years to come.