Expect to see a good number of Toyota vehicles at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Japanese automaker recently announced that they will be providing a full lineup of electric vehicles to support the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. Toyota aims to achieve the lowest emissions target level of any official fleet used, helping to reduce the environmental burden of the Games.

For Tokyo 2020, Toyota will be providing around 3,700 vehicles, around 90% of which will be electrified. These electric vehicles include hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and even battery-electric vehicles (BEV). According to the automaker, around 500 FCEVs and 850 BEVs will be deployed, the largest of any fleet to date.

However, not all vehicles at Tokyo 2020 will be models Toyota offers on the road today. A large number of these EVs were specifically designed and developed for the 2020 Tokyo Games. In order to move people in between venues, athletes, staff, and visitors will be shuttled in either Toyota's “Sora” Fuel Cell bus or in a Mirai sedan. Attendees, athletes, and staff will then be transported within the venues via the electric APM shuttle. Around 200 units of the APM will be deployed across the vast Olympic and Paralympic Games area.

Toyota to provide all kinds of electric vehicles for 2020 Tokyo Olympics image

Transporting athletes and staff within the Olympic and Paralympic Village will be the Toyota e-Palette. These will be driving around on a continuous loop in both villages in order to provide a near-continuous service. Thanks to a low flat floor, it will also make it easier for wheelchair-bound passengers to enter and exit. The e-Palette will feature level 4 automated driving up, but will still have an operator aboard each vehicle to monitor operations.

While not really a fleet vehicle, Toyota's Concept-i will be used as the operating vehicle at the Olympic torch relay and the lead vehicle in the marathon. There will also be standing-type personal mobility devices in order to make it easier to get around the venues.

If you do end up watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, why not try out the specially built Toyota EVs. It might be the only place you will be able to do so.