There’s no doubt that there are customers in the country that are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2020 Lexus LM, a model that is practically a more upscale Alphard. The model is already stirring up interest in the market, so much so that Lexus had already initiated a waiting list in the Philippines as early as last year.

And now, thanks to a source, we may have the actual Philippine prices for the LM.

Here are the prices of the PH-spec Lexus LM image

Based on the information we received, there will be two versions: the LM 7-seater and a more luxurious LM 4-seater with more limousine-like seating. It follows in the precedent set by the Lexus LS which has 5-seater and 4-seater versions.

The Lexus LM 7-seater will have a price tag of PhP 5,408,000, while the LM 4-seater will have a price tag of PhP 9,088,000. The pricing means it's about PhP 1.5 million more than the Toyota Alphard from which it is based.

Mind you, the pricing may change (possibly after Lexus Philippines reads this), but it will give a clear idea of what customers can expect to pay for the LM. 

Here are the prices of the PH-spec Lexus LM image

Some may be wondering what could be the reasons, apart from the badge, that lets the LM command a much higher price than the Alphard. In typical Lexus procedure, they build cars to much stricter and higher standards than Toyota, and will undoubtedly take meticulous measures to enhance the paintwork, the ride quality, vibration reduction, and noise insulation. The 4-seater model will also be far more luxurious than any Alphard before, evoking a more limousine-like experience for its owners. 

At the moment, we weren’t told what engines will the PH-spec model will have. Considering Lexus Philippines does offer hybrid-power in almost all of its models, we won’t be surprised if the LM will have a hybrid powertrain as well. However, don’t count out the 3.5-liter V6 just yet as that is available on the local Toyota Alphard. What we do know is that it will come with Lexus' version of Toyota Safety Sense. 

No official launch date was given to us at this time. However, they hope to start rolling out units of the luxury van later this year. So, don’t be surprised to see a few LM models on the road in a few months’ time.

Not scared off by the price of the Lexus LM? Better head to the dealership now as the line has supposedly become a lot longer than before.