Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles can now charge up at Unioil EDSA Guadalupe

Last November 27, 2017, Unioil became the first petroleum company in the Philippines to open an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at their Congressional Avenue Extention station in Quezon City. This gave owners of EVs a place to charge their vehicles outside their homes should the need arise. This also expanded the infrastructure for EVs in the country.

Unioil opens 2nd electric vehicle charging station at EDSA Guadalupe

In order to help serve customers with EVs else where in Metro Manila, Unioil has opened a second electric charging station. The second EV fast charging station is located at Unioil EDSA Guadalupe Northbound. This allows the company to serves customers with EVs that pass through EDSA, one of Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares. 

For those wondering, almost any EV can use the fast charging system as it has multiple socket heads. Unioil says that the charging station can safely charge a variety of US, European or Japanese electric vehicles. During the opening, a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was used for demonstration.  

Unioil opens 2nd electric vehicle charging station at EDSA Guadalupe

“We are proud to open today Unioil’s second electric vehicle charging station located at Unioil EDSA Guadalupe, Makati. This electric vehicle charging station is equipped with the latest Chademo fast charging protocol compatible with most Japanese, US and European cars. We want to encourage more people to begin considering the use of electric powered vehicles. We want to make the infrastructure needed with to pave the way for much cleaner forms of transportation,” said Unioil president, Kenneth Pundanera. 

According to the company, they are also planning to upgrade other Unioil stations to have an electric charging station in the future to further expand the lacking EV infrastructure in the Philippines.