Following the DILG’s memo, QC says its traffic enforcers will no longer confiscate licenses

When the Department of Interior & Local Government (DILG) reminded LGUs that only deputized Land Transportation Officers (LTO) enforcers are the only ones allowed to confiscate driver’s licenses, netizens praised the agency’s firm stand on the matter.

However, the City of Manila insists that their enforcers will continue to confiscate driver’s licenses of erring motorists since they are following their local traffic ordinance. According to them, under the Local Government Code of the Philippines, LGUs are empowered to regulate their own traffic as they see fit. This means they can confiscate the licenses of motorists that have committed traffic violations in their jurisdiction.

But while Manila insists it will enforce its own ordinances, the Quezon City (QC) government will adhere to the DILG’s memorandum circular. Recently, the QC government announced that following the agency’s memo, its traffic enforcers will no longer confiscate the licenses of erring motorists.

QC will no longer confiscate driver's licenses of erring motorists image

“Samakatuwid, ihihinto na ng mga traffic enforcers ng Quezon City ang pagkumpiska ng mga lisensya epektibo 24 September, 2022,” the city said via a Facebook post.

[Therefore, Quezon City traffic enforcers will stop confiscating licenses effective September 24, 2022]

Motorists can now breathe a sigh of relief while driving in QC. In addition, the city government mentioned that they are currently reviewing and studying their ordinances and policies with regard to traffic violations and the confiscation of driver’s licenses. In the future, the QC government will announce new ordinances in response to the DILG’s memorandum circular.

With QC abiding by the DILG’s memo, will other cities follow suit? Watch this space.