Remember Vinfast? The Vietnamese-based upstart that plans to sell 500,500 vehicles by 2025? Well it looks like their dreams of producing and selling cars has just been fully realized. Set to make their official debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show are the first-ever SUV and sedan models from Vinfast.

Designed by famous Italian design studio Pininfarina, the first two cars from Vinfast will display the company's philosophy of 'Vietnamese Style, Safety, Creativity and Pioneering through a world-class design language'. First revealed via design sketches last February, both the SUV and sedan remain faithful to the original design

Vinfast SUV, Sedan

According to the automaker, both the SUV and sedan will feature balanced proportions, along with a modern and ageless design that will reflect Vietnam's dynamic aesthetics. But perhaps the most prominent feature on the two cars is the VF motif incorporated on the chrome emblem at the center of the front grill. The same VF design can also be seen on the trunk and tailgate to further highlight Vinfast's design language.

Another key feature which shows Vinfast's signature styling are the horizontal chrome trim pieces that integrate with the eye-catching LED daytime running lights. With it, the styling element creates an F-shaped figure that highlights the 'Fast' name of the brand.

Vinfast SUV, Sedan

“The strong, distinguishable design, enhanced by elegant lines and refined details, gives our cars several distinctive highlights. First and foremost, these emanate around the V logo in the grille which references the country of Vietnam, as well as the Vingroup and VinFast brands. In conjunction with Pininfarina, we have carefully sculptured each body line to express the natural beauty of Vietnam and the warm-hearted and dynamic characteristics of its people through a modern and world-class design language,” said Dayid Lyon, Director of Design at Vinfast.

With a proud and energetic styling,Vinfast claims their unique look breaks away from traditional styling. In fact, the company actually gave the people of Vietnam the opportunity to determine the styling direction of both the SUV and sedan from the very start. More than 62,000 people voted as to which of the 20 design sketches from four Italian design houses were to be final look of the two cars. The winning concepts from Italdesign won and were further developed (and completed) by Pininfarina.

Vinfast SUV, Sedan

In review, Vinfast is headed by Vietnamese billonaire Pham Nhat Vuong. Under his Vingroup consortium, the company has since begun constructing factories around Vietnam since late 2017. The consortium plans to inject $ 1.5 billion into the development for upcoming vehicles.

Both the SUV and sedan from Vinfast will be introduced to the Vietnamese people at the end of the year after their world debut in Paris this October.