Have you been praying or wishing for a Lamborghini? This could be it! Here's your chance at actually winning a special Lamborghini Huracan by doing a good deed.

Last year, Lamborghini built a special edition Huracan LP580-2 as a gift to Pope Francis. It featured a unique exterior color produced by Ad Personam as homage to the colors of the Vatican flag. The sportscar was then blessed and signed by the Pope before being auctioned off for charity, which sold for more than USD 850,000.

Now, the special Huracan is up for grabs once again, and you could be its next owner.

This time however, you won't have to break the bank and pay for the same figures at auction in order to own it. In fact, the blessed Huracan could be yours for as low as USD 10 (Php 530). That plus you have to pray and hope that you'll be the lucky winner seletected.

Lamborghini Pope raffle

Omaze, an online fundraising platform, is the one offering the car to those who will donate for a good cause. In fact, proceeds from the campaign will benefit a large number of causes which will help transform lives around the world. To be specific, the funds will be used to help rebuild villages devastated by war, assist victims of human trafficking and even provide health care and education to those living in poverty.

As such, the larger the donation amount, the more entries you get. For those who donate USD 10, you'll get 100 entries; USD 25 and get 250 entries and so on with the large amount being USD 5,000.

Donate and win the #Blessed Lamborghini Huracan signed by Pope Francis

Should you be the lucky winner of the special edition Lamborghini Huracan, Omaze will fly you to the Vatican in order to get the keys at a special ceremony with blessing of Pope Francis himself and Lamborghini CEO Steffano Domenicali. Flights and hotel stay expenses will be included.

If you want to donate and try your luck at winning the special edtion Huracan, you can donate to Omaze by clicking the link here.

If your prayers were unanswered, well your donations will still go to a good cause.