The Renault Clio is all-new for 2019, and it's a rather significant car.

Why is it significant? As part of the Alliance (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), this humble hatchback could form the basis of the next-generation Mitsubishi Mirage.

Will 2019 Renault Clio be next-gen Mitsubishi Mirage? image

But before we get to that, let's take a look at the Renault first. The design is evolutionary, but it does ride on a new platform. It has the signature 'bird beak' which sees a pointed front end with the Renault grill boldly displayed. LED daytime running lights flank the headlights, just like its big brother, the Megane.

The Clio features hidden door handles on the side, and a sweeping roofline to give it a more dynamic look. As for the rear, the bumper is bigger and rounder than before, and the tail lights have been made longer as well. Interestingly, the all-new Clio is shorter than the model it replaces.

Will 2019 Renault Clio be next-gen Mitsubishi Mirage? image

Engine specs of the 2019 Clio sound plausible for the future Mirage too. The subcompact Renault uses a three-cylinder engine, just like the current Mirage, albeit turbocharged. That being said, the Mitsubishi could benefit from Renault's boosted 900cc engine, which makes 90 PS and 135 Nm of torque.

With a new platform, it opens the possibility of it sharing its architecture with Nissan and, more importantly, Mitsubishi. As mentioned before, Mitsubishi’s corporate vice-president and product planning head Vincent Cobee once told reporters that they are looking to use a Renault for their future small cars.

Will 2019 Renault Clio be next-gen Mitsubishi Mirage? image

The Clio, being the newest small car from the Alliance, is the likeliest bet. The move to the new platform could also signal the Mirage's move up in size class, from A-segment to B-Segment. Also, being Mitsubishi, the Renault platform could also spawn a sedan variant.

So is the future of the Mitsubishi Mirage looking more European? Under Alliance rule, it appears to look that way. One thing is for sure though, despite Mitsubishi's commitment to crossovers, pickups and SUVs, the Japanese automaker won't be leaving the small car market anytime soon.