A couple of weeks ago, we managed to see what looked to be the 2021 Toyota Fortuner. With no camouflage whatsoever, we were able to (somewhat) take a better look at the updated SUV, despite the grainy quality of the photos.

Well one adept reader, Klinton Ang, took it upon himself to gather all the available images of the Fortuner, and built a render based around the information. So yes, what we could be seeing is what the 2021 Fortuner could look like once Toyota officially reveals the vehicle.

"Due to the boredome caused by COVID-19 I made a facelift for the Fortuner," said Ang in a message to us. "I couldn't wait for Toyota's officail facelift so I made this because I wanted to see something new."

From what we saw in previous spyshots, the new look Fortuner gets a new set of headlights, revamped foglight housings, as well as an updated front grill and bumper design. These have been incorporated into the render. There also appears to be a new hood and a slightly tweaked front apron. Other things that we noticed on the Fortuner are the new set of alloy wheels which are clearly different from the ones seen in the current model.

"Believe it or not, the front didn't come from a Lexus; it came from the Avanza. The headlights are borrowed from the new Harrier." continued the artist.

Side-by-side with the photos we posted a few weeks ago, the render appears to be close to the real thing. We have yet to see what the rear looks like. But just like what we saw from the previously leaked photos, the SUV could come with angular rear bumper corners, as well as faux rear air outlets. The taillights, meanwhile, may also have been updated since they were camouflaged back in January.

As for what will be under the hood, the 2.8-liter and the 2.4-liter turbo-diesel engines are expected to be carried over for the 2021 model year facelift. We expect the same six-speed manual or automatic transmissions to still be available as well. What we're not sure of is whether the automaker will continue offering it with the 2.7-liter gasoline-powered engine.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting global markets, it could be a while before Toyota officially launches the refreshed Fortuner. Perhaps it might be revealed during the latter part of 2020, or maybe even in early 2021.