Have a transaction with the LTO or LTFRB? Do it all online

The COVID-19 still poses a threat to the public, and it still a little risky to go out of the house. But bills have to be paid, whether there's a virus or not. Thankfully the LTO will make it a little easier to pay for license renewal and registration. You will soon be able to transact with them online, reducing human interaction and physical contact at agencies.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) that online transactions for both the LTO and LTFRB will be part of “new normal” procedures. The LTO is currently testing the upcoming Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) in select LTO offices. The system allows the public to do online transactions with the LTO.

Specifically, LTMS can process various online transactions including driver/conductor’s application for renewal of licenses, requests for revision of records, and requests for Certificate of No Apprehension. Motorists may also settle traffic violations by paying fines online or at any LTO District Office Cashier. If they wish to contest, they may submit their position papers online through LTMS. Notifications of hearing schedule and settlement updates will then be sent via e-mail and through a portal dashboard.

“We are doing the pilot-test at 24 LTO Offices to iron-out the technical glitches, and thus ensure that everything will run smoothly. Once all are in place, the LTMS will be implemented in all LTO offices nationwide,” said LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante.

You can soon transact with the LFTRB, LTO online image

Interestingly, the LTMS website is already up and running. As such, you may already register here.

The LTFRB has a similar system being rolled out called Public Transport Online Processing System (PTOPS). It is also currently being pilot tested and is set to be launched on June 16. According to the LTFRB, nearly all transactions can be done via PTOPS excluding publication and hearing of cases. Users of PTOPS can simply create an account, select the type of transaction, and schedule an appointment online with the LTFRB.

"Kailangan na po nating masanay na ito na ang magiging normal simula ngayon (We have to get used to this being the new normal). We are making our services accessible at the comfort of your homes and we have to adapt to this new reality. In this way, we lower the risk of possible virus transmission,” said LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III.

Along with PTOPS, the LTFRB is also pushing for digital or cashless transactions in public transport such as taxis and transport network vehicle services (TNVS). They have also directed the use of RFID tags for all PUVs plying expressways and tollways.

Aside from less physical contact, the online portals are said to help curb corrupt practices in both the LTO and the LTFRB. It will also make it easier for the public rather than having to line up long hours at agency offices.