Last year, Ford launched what could perhaps be the most anticipated engine in ASEAN in the Ford 1.0-liter EcoBoost; the then two-time (now three-time) International Engine of the Year. Ford chose to launch the revolutionary engine in this: the revised and refined Ford Fiesta.

Is the new Ford Fiesta boosted to all it can be?

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For one, the new Fiesta (particularly this hatchback) is strikingly sporty. The one we're testing already showcases the newest look with the snouted front (like an Alligator Gar), the prominent chrome grille and smooth contours all around. The back features new taillamps to set it apart from the original Fiesta that Ford Philippines launched in 2010.

This sporty five-door may be smaller than most sedans but it does come in a wide array of colors for customers choose. A personal favorite of mine is the Celestial Blue, though this one photographed is the Phantom Purple. The striking colors will come in handy for us women, as they do make finding your parked car more conspicuous even from a distance; yes, quite a few of us women occasionally have the tendency to be inflicted with the 'where-the-hell-did-I-park-my-car-again?' disorder.

Upon sliding in the driver's seat, techies will delight in the futuristic and button-heavy layout of the center console, the busy steering wheel, piano black touches and other bits and pieces. Since this unique and tres cool design is on the dash, everyone can enjoy the added aesthetics even the passengers on the backseat.

The neat thing about the new Fiesta EcoBoost is the SYNC audio system. You can hook up an iPod or a flash drive full of songs via USB. You can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can play your audio via Bluetooth or the aux jack. You can even dial contacts in your phonebook or select songs, playlists and artists from your iPod via voice commands. Now that's convenient.

This sporty edition from Ford has some of the features I find very useful as a mommy driver. The keyless ignition is one. Case in point: when you have a baby, making a simple trip to the mall is not so simple when it comes to amount of items you have to bring. Hands that are often tied, so it's nice to have the key-in-your-pocket convenience for a parent. Another great feature I find unique with this automobile is the location of the automatic door locks. The fact that it is situated in the middle of the dashboard makes it not only easier to find, but also is now within reach from anywhere inside the vehicle.

Whether you're a parent or have your car all for yourself, we all need some trunk space, right? At first glance, you might mistakenly think the Fiesta EcoBoost has none, but much to my delight, there's actually quite a bit. With the rear seats up, the Fiesta hatchback's boot can accommodate 290 liters in volume, though that figure more than triples to 974 liters if you fold down the rear seats.

Driving the Fiesta EcoBoost around is easy and convenient. The EcoBoost name comes from the 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine behind that grille. It may be one of the smallest engines in the category, but thanks to a turbo and plenty of other technology in it, the 1.0L EcoBoost makes 125 PS and 170 Newton-meters of torque; more powerful than most 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 liter engines in the market.

As the name implies, it's easy to feel the arrival of the 'boost' from the turbo. Stomp on the gas pedal and you'll feel why the 1.0L EcoBoost has been the International Engine of the Year thrice; it does feel sporty enough for me to want to swiftly maneuver myself around other slower vehicles on the road. The PowerShift dual clutch automatic and the light handling makes it easy to drive around with vigor in and out of town.

It's a given that if you want a sporty car, you need to be willing to shell out on the extra gasoline the added speed requires. Well Ford EcoBoost gives you the best of both worlds. With its turbo charged direct fuel injection and variable valve timing, you get the added boost when your right foot demands it but does so with a keen eye on fuel efficiency. I was told by our Editor that without activating the turbo at higher RPMs the Fiesta EcoBoost is very economical to drive; 10.5 to 11.5 kilometers per liter is achievable in moderate to somewhat heavy traffic in the city. Of course those figures drop (and drop quickly) if you stomp on the gas pedal regularly. On the highway, a fuel economy range is north of 15 to 19 km/l is doable depending on the driving conditions and the patience of the driver.

I wish I could tick all the boxes of the Ford EcoBoost Review, but there were some things I didn't quite fancy as much.One is the loud ticking sound for the indicators (signal lights). It reminds me of the sound when you tap an empty tin can and could have been better. Also as a woman who craves convenience, a reverse parking camera assist technology is a Godsend and others who absolutely hate parking in tight spaces. However the park assist system EcoBoost, unfortunately, simply showed a digital representation indicating the driver is in the process of reverse parking, but sans camera.

Many guys have been raving about the punchy turbo Fiesta EcoBoost, and I agree. I would, however, say that while the speed and acceleration of this Ford makes men happy, it's also a great car for women on many fronts. Stylish, quick, efficient, easy to drive and tech savvy are just some of the benefits we can all enjoy in the 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost.

  • Make:Ford
  • Model:Fiesta 1.0L Sport+ EcoBoost
  • Engine:1.0L DOHC 12-valve Inline-3 Direct Injection Turbo
  • Max Power:125 PS @ 6000 rpm
  • Max Torque:170 Nm @ 1400-4500 rpm
  • Transmission:6-speed DCT
  • Price as Tested:₱ 898,000