So I recently got a taste of the 2017 Nissan GT-R at Clark and let me tell you, this thing recalibrates how you think about the concept of a super sports car.

The way it behaves on the track and tones down to become a true grand tourer for the road makes it the automotive Jekyll and Hyde; smooth and slick when your mood needs it, but with a flick of a few switches, it becomes brutally quick when you demand it.

The GT-R really is the ultimate automobile for the red-blooded car enthusiast, easily awakening the juvenile in you, so much so that it really makes you (and me) want one.

Be that as it may, let's face it: the wife really is the boss of the household.

The GT-R may have convinced you, but convincing her is another matter altogether. Nothing happens without her say so, and anything that happens without, well, you'll pay for it with stares that pierce like daggers. That's just how life is. You're the King of your chessboard, but the Queen is the god of it.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

I can imagine how tough it is for a man to be able to justify a sports or super car to their significant other However, if you know the right buttons to push and the right way to approach it, you really can justify to your wife that the Nissan GT-R -particularly this 2017 model- is the perfect super sports car for you.

So take notes fellas, as here are the seven things that I said in order to convince my wife that the Nissan GT-R is the perfect supercar for me... wait, I meant us. US.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

1. Honey, the GT-R is really comfy and premium!

There is a general thought out there that the GT-R really is a race car for the road. That, however, cannot be more wrong, especially with the 2017 model.

Supple leather? Check! Soft touch materials? Check! A Bose audio system? Check! Automatic gearbox? Check! The powerful aircon Nissan is known for? Of course! Do these sound like the characteristics of a race car? Nope. 

Hiroshi Tamura, Mr. GT-R himself, explained to us that the core philosophy of the GT-R is the happy marriage of three letters: GT for grand touring, and R for race. This is a car where they didn't make sacrifices to improve performance or overall comfort; it was designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate the two.

The GT-R has it all, and there's a very distinct aroma from the leather interior; it smells like a brand new leather baseball glove. The GT-R is actually handmade by Japanese master craftsmen called Takumis, and as a testament to their work, the dashboard is actually covered by a single hide of leather.

But despite all the attention to making it premium, it can race like a bat out of hell too; just don't tell the wife that.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

2. Sweetheart, the GT-R cruises like a dream!

Most performance cars have very stiff suspension systems, rough gearboxes that prioritize superfast shifts, and have minimal sound insulation. But that's not the case for the GT-R. 

The ride quality on the street is actually one of a true grand tourer; it absorbs quite a bit of the bad stuff, something that can't be said of many of its high performance contemporaries. This was done through a Bilstein DampTronic system which, as the name implies, is electronic control of the dampers; this allows for three settings, and one of them is comfort.

The noise insulation is quite good, and it cruises very quietly. The windshield is intended to dampen exterior noise, there's plenty of insulation around the major body panels, and there are even special liners inside the wheel wells so you don't get the pebbly noise as the tire picks up debris on the road. The best part is the active noise cancellation; it just cuts out the unwanted mechanical sounds and enhances the engine's actual notes.

Performance cars are generally notorious for their gearboxes; often too sharp with the shifts to lay the power down, but in the GT-R, it's almost silky smooth. Despite its capability of achieving shifts in just 0.15 seconds, the GT-R is easily able to cruise very well.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

3. Love, the GT-R is the most practical supercar out there!

While most supercars are intended to be purpose-built machines for pure high performance driving thrills, the GT-R is able to achieve the same (or better) but can still be used for otherwise everyday tasks... just like a regular car.

Need trunk space? The GT-R has 315 liters of space available in the trunk. It's got the width to take on things like a set of golf clubs or a set of luggage for a weekend away,

There are also two seats in the back, making the GT-R a 2+2. The legroom isn't spectacular, but with a bit of adjustment as to how the front occupants sit, then those seats become properly useful. A word to the wise: don't put you parents there because the ingress and egress aren't exactly made for them, much less a mother-in-law that hates her son-in-law.

Oh, and the best bit? The 2017 GT-R has ISOFIX anchors for a child seat tucked just under the rear backrests, meaning you can take your little one along... just be sure to get a really good child seat, like something from Recaro.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

4. Babe, the GT-R is really safe. Honest!

Safety is, of course, a priority especially with a GT-R that has well over 500 horsepower.

You do have six airbags, but the GT-R is good at avoiding a collision in the first place. On all four corners are extremely powerful Brembo brakes, so you really can stop on a dime (within reason, of course). There are the usual anti-lock brakes and brake assist, but the real trick is the vehicle dynamics control system that manages everything for you like the traction control and stability control.

There are some great convenience features too like the back-up camera that can detect obstacles. There are parking sensors, a system that monitors the pressure of the tires, and another that warns you if any of the passengers aren't buckled in properly.

And there's four wheel drive. Having all four wheels under your right foot's direct control is always a good thing; maximum traction and excellent control in all kinds of conditions.

Yes, safety is the priority, and the GT-R's many systems helps make sure that you don't have to put the airbags to the ultimate test.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

5. Sweetie, the GT-R is very reliable!

Many exotic supercars usually have some issues with reliability; it's typically a problem for others because often function follows form. In the GT-R the reverse is true: form follows function. 

The GT-R was built to be a reliable performance car at Nissan's factory in Japan. The entire car is handbuilt to meet Nissan's very exact tolerances, and this is a car that you'll spend more time driving than fixing... or actually spending to fix.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

6. Boo, the GT-R is a bargain supercar!

Who doesn't love a bargain right? In many ways, the GT-R just might be the ultimate bargain.

Let's put it in perspective. A high performance car from Germany with a horse on the hood that has comparable horsepower and performance to the GT-R will cost about 15 to 20 million pesos. If you want an Italian horse on the fenders you'll easily shell out 22 million pesos and above.

The GT-R? Just a little over 7 and a half million pesos. Now that's not a bargain... that's a steal.

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

7. Darling, the GT-R does not make the driver attractive to women. Not even one bit!

If you still haven't convinced your wife, then this is will be the ultimate line.

The GT-R is not a pretty car, and that's ok; besides, most people driving against one will usually end up looking at those taillights.

And being a Nissan means it doesn't make you any more attractive to other women than you already are. It will, however, make you cool to other men. Or fanboys. So no point of jealousy then.


Yes, the Nissan GT-R is the ultimate car that you can justify to your wife. Comfortable, practical, refined, reliable, daily drivable, and a really awesome bargain. 

7 foolproof ways to justify the 2017 Nissan GT-R to your wife

Just don't mention any of the other bad qualities of the GT-R like the fact that there 570 horses under the hood, the fact that it can wake up the neighbors when you start it, the fact that it can easily exceed 300 km/h, the fact that you'll get dismal fuel economy because you'll probably floor the throttle every chance you get, the fact that Nissan can adjust the suspension for racing applications, the fact that it can dash from zero to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds, and the fact that it can run rings around a lot of cars on the, uh, 'Ring. Pay no mind to those alternative facts.

Yes, you really can convince your wife that the GT-R is for you... I just hope you have more ways and means than most of us do.