Chances are the first person to have influenced you with cars is none other than your father. As kids, its likely our dads who have given us lap rides while driving around town – despite its legality being questionable. He also bought us the toy cars we all love collecting until today. Growing up a bit more, it's likely our dads was also the first person to have showed us the ropes in and around cars; allowing us to spend some quality bonding time.

As we celebrate Father's Day this coming Sunday, give credit where credit is due and say thank you to our fathers for everything they have done to help us become who we are today. To help you give back to your father on his day, we here at have listed a couple of gift ideas below that as a means of saying thank you.

Gift ideas for the man of the house this Father's Day

Cimatech Power Probe and Scangrip 

Don’t let your father get stranded with a dead battery in the middle of no where. By gifting him a Power Probe Battery Jumper kit this Father’s Day, it would ensure that his car can always be started, and him safely back on the road quickly. Think of it as a power bank that can charge up your car’s battery. That said, Power Probe says that their battery jumper kit is also safe to use on gadgets and mobile devices. 

Should your dad love to work on cars himself, a Scangrip LED Work Light will surely make his life easier. The Scangrip Mag 3 is one of the brand’s most durable and ingeniously designed LED work light. It features COB LED technology, USB charging and retractable suspension hooks, which can make it helpful for most applications.  

Fortunately, Cimatech, the exclusive distributor of Power Probe in the Philippines, currently has their Scangrip LED work lights on sale. The aforementioned Mag 3 and the Unipen are both at 50-percent off until the end of June. 

For more information on Power Probe and Scangrip you may visit


Gift ideas for the man of the house this Father's Day

Prestone Motor Oils

For those unsure with the in-and-outs of a vehicle, you may choose to gift your father motor oils to less the cost of his next oil change. That said, you may also help your father change the oil together at home, saving money on expensive labor work as well as being able to make time to bond.

Known for making one of the world's most popular brake fluid and coolant, Prestone now has their own line of motor oils. Available for both diesel and gasoline engines, Prestone oils are manufactured in Singapore by an ISO-certified blended plant. The new line of motor oils are available in 1-liter of 4-liter sizes and can be used in both old and new engines alike.

Gift ideas for the man of the house this Father's Day

For gasoline engines, there is the G-Tech range of Prestone oils – G-Tech Advance 10W40, G-Tech Synblend 5W-40 and G-Tech Fully Synthetic 5W-40. The D-Tech range is used for diesel engines and is offered in 500 SynBlend 15W-40 and 500 Fully Synthetic 15W-40 variants. 

Those interested in picking up Prestone motor oils for their father's may visit the nearest autosupply store near you.


Gift ideas for the man of the house this Father's Day

RIDGID tools 

Rather than continuously spending on car washes and vacuum services, why not help your dad clean the car yourself. Cleaning the car together not only saves you money, but will also allow you to bond with your dad, just like old times.

RIDGID currently offers multiple variants of Professional wet/dry vacuum cleaners. Depending on the model, these vacuums can be used on numerous surfaces, making it suitable for household use as well as a car's interior. The company also offers ladders in various lengths to access the roof of vehicles or other hard to reach places in or outside the house.

Furthermore, the RIDGID multi-purpose 6-in-1 screw driver which can help with servicing your dad's vehicle and fixing other things household items. Put them all in a proper container with RIDGID's professional tool storage system.

For more information regarding RIDGID branded tools and vacuums, you may visit their website below.


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